Capitalism = def. a political system which by barring people from a free access to subsistence land creates a market economy and a monetary way of life

From a sociological perspective, I don’t think people are aware of this definition or are concerned with this definition. Why?

First, because the so called “intellectuals” do not offer such a definition.

Second, because most city people’s concern (including students’ concern) is to succeed in this (capitalist) system by either getting a good job, or by creating a good business.

Third, because if city people had access to land, they would not know what to do with it. People have become alienated from the use of land except in some aesthetic or romantic way of walking through it or viewing it. People do not know how to grow food or how to care for animals.

However, the correctness of this definition is known instinctively by peasants, who when they have rebelled or protested did so invariably under the slogan “land and liberty.”

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