Arguments for Libertarian Socialism, i.e., Anarchism

I came across a blog by Andrew Parker who shares my admiration for the postings of Cameron Watt.  I have copied his blog at the Voice of Anarchy below:

‘Libertarian Socialist Rants’ videos

September 18, 2014 by Andrew Parker

I’ve been planning on sharing these four videos for a while because I think they really get to the heart of everything I stand for and have been sharing with you all so far. There is a wealth of aspects of a new society and criticisms of the current model packed very nicely into very easy to digest videos by Libertarian Socialist Rants – a Scottish guy named Cameron Watt. He, like me, is an Anarchist and a Libertarian Socialist, which is the same thing as an Anarcho-Communist or Anarcho-Syndicalist. We are both from the Noam Chomsky School of Thought and I can’t say I disagree with any of his major points. Please check out the videos below:

Anarchism in Four Parts

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