Politico-Economic Taxonomy

I use the following table for classification of political and economic institutions.  The rationale for this derives, in part, from Max Weber’s claim that the necessary condition for capitalism is the existence of free-laborers. A free-laborer is a vagabond, a homeless person.   And he is in this condition because he does not have lawful access to free land on which to subsist.  And this permission for land occupancy must be granted either by a centralized government (called the State) or by a communal government (mutual agreement).

The box occupied by anarcho-capitalism, neoliberalism, and libertarianism is paradoxical.   Imagine a  group of people, who are all equal in rights, and who land on an  uninhabited island. How is it possible to start a capitalist system without violence?  Remember that a necessary condition for capitalism is the existence of people who do not have free access to land.  In that case, some of them have to be deprived of this access by some means — force? persuasion? trickery? toss of a coin?

Centralized Government Decentralized Government
Free Land Socialism Anarchism
No Free Land Capitalism Neoconservativism Anarcho-Capitalism Neoliberalism Libertarianism

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