Nestor Makhno, The Struggle Against the State and Other Essays, edited by Alexandre Skidra, 1996.

The Struggle Against the State and Other Essays


Nestor Makhno

edited by Alexandre Sirda
translated by Paul Sharkey


  1. Great October in the Ukraine
  2. On the 10th Anniversary of the Makhnovist Insurgent Movement in the Ukraine
  3. On Defense of the Revolution
  4. A Few Words on the National Question in the Ukraine
  5. To the Jews of All Countries
  6. The Makhovshchina and Anti-Semitism
  7. In Memory of the Kronstadt Revolt
  8. The Idea of Equality and the Bolsheviks
  9. The Paths of "Proletarian" Power
  10. "Soviet" Power -- Its Present and Its Future
  11. The Struggle Against the State
  12. The First of May: Symbol of a New Era in the Life and Struggle of the Toilers
  13. Anarchism and Our Times
  14. Our Organization
  15. On Revolutionary Discipline
  16. The ABC of the Revolutionary Anarchist
  17. Open Letter to the Spanish Anarchists
  18. On the History of the Spanish Revolution of 1931and the Part Played by the Left and Right-Wing Socialists and the Anarchist
  19. Bibliographical Afterword
    Alexandre Skirda