As part of its foreign information service, Pro Helvetia, the Arts Council of Switzerland, publishes a series of brochures which provide basic information on the social, political and cultural life of Switzerland. Each brochure is the work of an individual author, reflecting his/her personal attitudes and point of view. It is intended as a basic introduction to a subject, providing a general survey rather than aiming at scholarly thoroughness. Further literature on the subject is listed in the appendix. Other titles available in this series are listed at the end of this brochure.

Title of the original edition: Die politische Schweiz
English translation: Maureen Oberli-Turner
1st edition 1997
Published by Pro Helvetia Documentation-Information-Press
(c) 1997 by Pro Helvetia, the Arts Council of Switzerland, CH-8024 Zurich
Photos: Heini Stucki
Reproduction authorised, complimentary copy on request
ISBN 3-908102-55-3
 Distribution abroad through the Swiss diplomatic missions
Available in Switzerland from all good bookshops
Printed in Switzerland by Stehle Druck AG, St.Gall