In Memoriam

Wilfrid Stalker Sellars
May 20, 1912 - July 2, 1989



Contributions by:

Robert Brandom
Robert Turnbull
Gerald Massey
Peter Machamer
Adolf Grunbaum
Jay Rosenberg
Jeff Sicha
Johanna Seibt
Susanna Downie
Short Vita of Wilfrid Stalker Sellars


This little book began as a project to put into print the remarks made at the Memorial Service for Wilfrid which was held by the University of Pittsburgh Philosophy Department, in Heinz Chapel (on the Pitt campus), October 26, 1989. I undertook to do this, as my tribute to Wilfrid. The Vita was taken from the memorial program. The order of the contributors, from Brandom to Grunbaum, is the order in which the remarks were given at the memorial service. Joe Camp's witty and thoughtful remarks are not included because he never sent me anything, not even notes. I took the liberty of inviting three of Wilfrid's students, who happened to be among my favorites too, to contribute something. And naturally, I had to have the last word(s) . Honi Soi Oui Mal y Pense.

In the course of going through Wilfrid's books and papers, which will come to rest eventually in Hillman Library (at the University of Pittsburgh) I found many photographs, some of which I have used to enhance this book. I have done my best to identify them for you. I produced the text on my Mac II (a gift from Wilfrid), with Ready-Set-Go 4.0. The photographs were reproduced on a Canon LaserColor printer, and the book was printed, at Kinko's.

Susanna Downie
December 1990