Wilfrid Sellars' Ph.D. Students

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at the University of Pittsburgh

Seibt, Johanna, Towards Process Ontology: A Critical Study in Substance-Ontological Premises, 517 pp.

Anapolitanos, Dionysios, Leibniz: Representation, Continuity and the Spatio-Temporal, 193 pp.

Gauker, Christopher, The Refutation of Internalism: An Essay on Intentionality, 215 pp.

Vazquez-Amaral, Pedro, Descartes and Suarez: Introduction to the Theory of Ideas, 213 pp.

De Vries, Willem, Hegel's Theory of Mental Activity, 294 pp.

Alpern, Kenneth D., The Nature of Friendship: Aristotelian and Kantian Themes, 239 pp.

Bonevac, Daniel, Ontological Reduction and Abstract Entities, 284 pp.

Mattey, George, The Idealism of Kant and Berkeley, 235 pp.

Wartenberg, Thomas, Reason and Truth in Kant's Theory of Experience, 254 pp.

Girnius, Mirga, The Self as Object of Knowledge in Kant's 'Critique of Pure Reason', 168 pp.

Kraut, Robert, Objects (Exploration of Hintikka's Work in the Semantics of Propositional Attitude Ascriptions), 262 pp.

Creath, John Richard, Science, Syntax and Semantics: An Examination of the Philosophy of Language of Rudolf Camap, 215 pp.

Kvart, Igal, Counterfactuals, 397 pp.

Norman, Jack, Events and Semantical Theories, 88 pp.

Wojick, David, Conceptual Change and Meaning Sameness in Science and Philosophy, 206 pp.

Hoy, Ronald, Time and the Mental: An Examination of Broad's and Husserl's Theories of Temporal Consciousness, 215 pp.

Griffith, Stephen, Personal Identity, 212 pp.

Cummings, Philip, Hegel's Logic as a Critique of the Logical Theories of His Predecessors, 239 pp.

Burian, Richard, Scientific Realism, Commensurability,, and Conceptual Change: A Critique of Paul Feyerabend's Philosophy of Science, 279 pp.

Ager, Tryg, Kant's Theory of Representations: An Interpretation of the Metaphysical and Transcendental Deductions in the Critique of Pure Reason, 238 pp.

Hosler, Douglas, The Place of Rationality in Explanation, 268 pp.

Lapara, Nicholas, Law, Inference and Modality, 180 pp.

Churchland, Paul, Persons and P-Predicates, 122 pp.

Luckenbach, Sidney, From Logical Positivism to Empiricism and Hypercritical Realism: The Philosophy of Science of Herbert Feigl, 275 pp.

Rosenthal, Aaron, Knowledge and True Belief: A Study in Reasons and Causes, 215 pp.


McGilvray, James A. (Yale), Time and Knowledge: An Inquiry in the 'Now'

Kidder, Joel, Methods, Principles, and Knowledge in the Ethical Philosophy of Henry Sidgwick, 474 pp.

Peyton, John, Explanation of Behavior: A Critical Examination of Charles Taylor's Philosophy of Psychology, 263 pp.

Evans, Robert, The Decline and Revival of Critical Realism, 283 pp.

Goble, Louis, A Coherence Theory of Meaning, 256 pp.

Pailthorp, Charles, Causes, Reasons, and Knowings, 230 pp.

Rosenberg, Jay (1942-2008), A Study of the Determinable-Determinate Relation, 205 pp.

at Yale University

Mourelatos, Alexander, The Philosophy of Parmenides, 318 pp.

Kane, Robert, Intentionality and Mind.

Griffith, William B., Problems About Infinity: Wittgenstein's Contributions

Guleserian, Theodore, Abstract Entities and the Semantics of Philosophy

Price, Robert, Plato's 'Cratylus' and Contemporary Analysis

Wubnig, Judith, A Study of the Relationship Between Morality and Rationality in Kant's Critique of Aesthetic Judgment, 235 pp.

Isimenger, Gary, Action, Policies and Principles

Kremer, Elmar J., Malebranche and Arnauld: The Controvery Over the Nature of Ideas, 208 pp.

Lachs, John, A Critical Examination of Santayana's Philosophy of Mind

at the University of Minnesota

Merrill, Daniel Davy, The Theory of Logical Constants, 259 pp.

Kiteley, Murray James, Indirect Discourse and Modal Composition, 202 pp.

Binkley, Robert Williams, Moral Reasoning, 287 pp. -- e-mail rbinkley@julian.uwo.ca

Castañeda, Hector-Neri (1924-1991), The Logical Structure of Moral Reasoning, 248 pp.

Linnell, John, Berkeley's Critique of Abstract Ideas

Turnbull, Robert George, An Examination of C.D. Broad's Moral Philosophy, 521 pp.