Note: I have included all the listings of dissertations as given in The Synoptic Vision: Essays on the Philosophy of Wilfrid Sellars, by C.F. Delaney, Michael J. Loux, Gary Gutting, W. David Solomon (Notre Dame: University of Notre Dame Press, 1977), and have added to that list. This is not a comprehensive listing -- new or missed listings will be added. If any of the authors listed wishes to have their dissertation placed at this site, send me a signed permission to do so, a hard copy, and a copy in electronic form, to:

Andrew Chrucky
906 S. May St.
Chicago, IL 60607

Klein, 1966
Klein, Peter, "The Revolt Against Sense-Data: A Defense of the Sense-Data Framework," Yale University, 1966.
McKim, 1966
McKim, Vaughn R., "Human Action and a Scientific Image of Man," Yale University, 1966.

Child, 1967
Child, James W., "The Ontological Commitment of Physical Theories," Indiana University, 1967.
Evans, 1967
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Lennon, 1968
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Rosenthal, 1968
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Echelbarger, 1969
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Grontkowski, 1969
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Mason, 1969
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Marquis, 1970
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Moore, 1970
Moore, Harold, "Instrumentalism," Fordham University, 1970.
Putz, 1970
Putz, Carl H., "The Nature of Scientific Laws," University of Pittsburgh, 1970.
Wall, 1970
Wall, Thomas F., "Intentionality and the Analogy Theory of Thinking," Boston College, 1970.

Angelo, 1971
Angelo, Bernard J., "Wilfrid Sellars and the Free-Will Determinism Issue," M.A. Thesis, State University of New York at Buffalo," 1971.
Czerny, 1971
Czerny, Robert E., "Meaning, Minds, and Language-Learning: A Critical Study of Wilfrid Sellars' Philosophy of Mind," M.A. Thesis, University of Toronto, 1971.
Hopkins, 1971
Hopkins, Edwin E., "Wilfrid Sellars' Analysis of Physical Modality: In Search of an Argument," Duke University, 1971. 225 pages.
Richards, 1971
Richards, Robert J., "Wilfrid Sellars: Towards a Scientific Explanation of Man," St. Louis University, 1971. 314 pages.

McCaskill, 1972 /.lp,[pl[,
McCaskill, David G., "Conceptual Schemes and the Revolt Against the Foundational Theory of Knowledge," Wayne State University, 1972.
Pitt, 1972
Pitt, Joseph C., "An Analysis of Wilfrid Sellars' Theory of Justification," The University of Western Ontario, 1972.

Anderson, 1973
Anderson, Kenneth Christian, "Wilfrid Sellars and the Theory of the Given," University of Toronto, 1973.
Dayton, 1973
Dayton, Eric Brian, "Desire and Practical Reason," The University of Western Ontario, 1973
Rottschaefer, 1973
Rottschaefer, William A., "Ordinary Knowledge in the Scientific Realism of Wilfrid Sellars," Boston University, 1973. 384 pp.

Doody, 1974
Doody, John A., "Scientific Realism and Instrumentalism: An Analysis of the Concepts of Description and Explanation," University of Notre Dame, 1974.
Hartjes, 1974
Hartjes, John F., "The Critique of the Given in Wilfrid Sellars and Edmund Husserl," The Catholic University of America, 1974. 280 pages.
Ingham, 1974
Ingham, Charles, "Sellars' Theory of Universals and Particulars," Brown University, 1974. 181 pp.
Norman, 1974
Norman, Jack, "Events and Semantical Theories," University of Pittsburgh, 1974.
O'Connell, 1974
O'Connell, Richard A., "The Structure of Meaning and Knowledge," Wayne State University, 1974.

Freddoso, 1976
Freddoso, Alfred, "A Defense of Conceptualism," University of Notre Dame, 1976.
Pressman, 1976
Pressman, Sydney Carol, "Thought and Meaning in Wilfrid Sellars," State University of New York at Albany, 1976.

Tarr, 1979
Tarr, Patrick Howard, "Wilfrid Sellars' Theory of Sensations," University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1979, 204 pp.

Brown, 1980
Brown, Peter Godfrey, "Kantian Psycholinguistics: Wilfrid Sellars' Philosophy of Language as a Theory of Language Development," Emory University, 1980, 293 pp.
Mazzucco, 1980
Mazzucco, Louis Frank, "A Study of Wilfrid Sellars' Realism," University of Connecticut, 1980.

Becker, 1981
Becker, Robert James, "Wilfrid Sellars and the Mind-Body Problem: A Historical and Critical Examination of Sellars' Unity of Thought," Tulane University, 1981.
Davis, 1981
Davis, William W., "Analogy and Mental Representation: A Solution to the Mind-Body Problem Based on the Philosophy of Wilfrid Sellars," University of Kansas, 1981, 303 pp.
Evans, 1981
Evans, Joseph Claude, "The Metaphysics of Transcendental Subjectivity: Descartes, Kant and Sellars," State University of New York at Stoney Brook, 1981, 295 pp.
Murphy, 1981
Murphy, Claudia Mary, "Evolutionary Metaphysics: An Example," University of California, Berkley, 1981, 133 pp.

Thurston, 1981
Thurston, Bonnie Colleen, "Consciousness and the Evolution of Conceptual Frameworks," University of British Columbia, 1981.

Bernstein, 1982
Bernstein, Mark Howard, "Freedom of Will and Autonomy of Mind," University of California, Santa Barbara, 1982, 120 pp.
Friedman, 1982
Friedman, Irving Stephen, "Wilfrid Sellars' Refutation of Physical (,2) Reductive Materialism," City University of New York, 1982.
Hampton, 1982
Hampton, Philip Michael, "Direct Realism and the Phenomenology of Perceptual Consciousness," University of Toronto, 1982.
Paas, 1982
Paas, David E., "Presupposition," University of Nebraska - Lincoln, 1982, 153 pp.

Atkinson, 1984
Atkinson, Nancy Carol, "Sentience and Stuff," Claremont Graduate School, 1984, 171 pp.
Griffis, 1984
Griffis, James B., "Seeing and Sensing: Wilfrid Sellars' Theory of Perception," State University of New York at Buffalo, 1984.
Pendleton, 1984
Pendleton, Gene Ronald, "Intuition and the Mode of Analogy: A Study of Sellars and Kant," University of Waterloo, 1984.

Lance, 1988
Lance, Mark Norris, "Normative Inferential Vocabulary: The Explication of Social Linguistic Practice," University of Pittsburgh, 1988, 227 pp.
Macbeth, 1988
Macbeth, Danielle Monique, "Making Sense of Intentionality: An Essay in the Philosophy of Mind," University of Pittsburgh, 1988, 301 pp.
Scott-Kakures, 1988
Scott-Kakures, Dion James, "The Status of Vernacular Psychology," The University of Michigan, 1988, 289 pp.

Bickle, 1989
Bickle, John William, "Towards a Contemporary Reformulation of the Mind-Body Problem," University of California, Irvine, 1989, 338 pp.

Chrucky, 1990
Chrucky, Andrew, "Critique of Wilfrid Sellars' Materialism," Fordham University, 1990, 537 pp.
Seibt, 1990
Seibt, Johanna, "Towards Process Ontology: A Critical Study in Substance-Ontological Premises," University of Pittsburgh, 1990, 517 pp.

Rudnick, 1991
Rudnick, Kenneth Joseph, "Charles Sanders Peirce on the Cognitive Given," Fordham University, 1991, 222 pp.

Rubenstein, 1995
Rubenstein, Eric M., "The Metaphysics of Content," University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1995, 243 pp.

Burstein, 2004
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Levine, 2005
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Poston, 2006
Poston, Ted Lanice, "Sellars And Socrates: An Investigation of The Sellars Problem For A Socratic Epistemology," University of Missouri, Columbia, 2006, 185 pp.

Macbean, 2008
Macbean, Jeremy, "Sellars, Scientific Realism, and the Philosophy of Mind." University of Western Ontario, 2008. Adviser: Ausonio Marras.

Olen, 2012
Olen, Peter, "Sellars in Context: An Analysis of Wilfrid Sellars's Early Works," University of South Florida, 2012. Committee: Stephen Turner, Richard Manning, Rebecca Kukla, Willem deVries, Alex Levine.

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