John Pilger

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List of Pilger's Films

Videos available on the Internet:

1979 Year Zero: The Silent Death of Cambodia

1983 Nicaragua: A Nation's Right To Survive

1983 Truth Game

1990 Cambodia, The Betrayal

1992 War by Other Means

1994 Flying the Flag, Arming the World

1994 Death of a Nation: East Timor

1996 Inside Burma: Land of Fear

1997 Breaking the Mirror: The Murdock Effect

1998 South Africa: Apartheid did not Die

2000 Paying the Price: Killing the Children of Iraq

2001 The New Rulers of The World

2002 Palestine is Still the Issue

2003 Breaking The Silence: Truth and Lies in the War on Terror

2004 Stealing a Nation [See also Wikipedia -- Depopulation of Diego Garcia]

2007 The War On Democracy

2007 Freedom Next Time

2010 The War You Don't See -- Clips from John Pilger's The War You Don't See