Contingent Scientific Realism and Instrumentalism: Beyond Rorty's "The End of Philosophy" and Fine's "Natural Ontological Attitude"*

Eugene Lashchyk

La Salle University

Table of Contents

Published in Ukrainian (translation) in Filosofs'ka y Sotsyolohychna Dumka (Philosophical and Sociological Thought), No. 11 and 12 (1992): pp. 57-69, 41-61 [Kyyiv, Ukraine]. It is published here in the original English for the first time.
Andrew Chrucky, Nov. 14, 1998.

* [author's note] I would like to thank Olexa Bilaniuk, Hugh Joswick, Michael Kerlin, Bill Sullivan, Richard Strosser and Joe Volpe for helpful comments on earlier versions of this paper. Special thanks to Joseph Margolis who got me started on this topic and with whom I have had many fruitful exchanges on these issues. This research was in part supported by a grant from La Salle University. 1