Writings on C. D. Broad

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Angelo, Robert W.

  • Notes about C.D. Broad.

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  • "Broad's Theory of Emotions", in PB.

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  • Book review of C.D. Broad, Lectures on Psychical Research

    Ducasse, C. J.

  • "Broad on the Relevance of Psychical Research to Philosophy", in PB.

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  • "Broad on Supernatural Precognition", in PB.

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  • "Broad's Analysis of Ethical Terms", in PB.

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  • Emergent Consciousness. Themes in C. D. Broad's Philosophy of Mind (Acta Universitatis Gothoburgensis, 2002).
  • Review of L. Nathan Oaklander's C. D. Broad's Ontology of Mind, Ontos, 2006, 105pp. Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews 2006.10.03.
  • "Charlie Dunbar Broad" Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

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  • "Broad and the Laws of Dynamics", in PB.

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  • "Broad's Approach to Moral Philosophy", in PB.

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  • "Broad's Treatment of Determinism and Free Will", in PB.

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  • Time and the Mental: An Examination of Broad's and Husserl's Theories of Temporal Consciousness, Ph. D. dissertation, University of Pittsburgh, 1973. 215 pp.
  • "Science and Temporal Experience: A Critical Defense of C. D. Broad’s Theory of Temporal Cognition," Philosophy Research Archives (September 10, 1976).

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  • "The Philosophical Complaint Against Emergence," September 7, 1992.

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  • "Broad on Philosophical Method", in PB.

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  • "Broad on Mental Events and Epiphenomenalism", in PB.

    Kuhn, Helmut

  • "Existence in C. D. Broad's Philosophy", in PB.

    Lean, Martin

  • Sense-Perception and Matter: A Critical Analysis of C. D. Broad's Theory of Perception (London: Routledge & Paul, 1953).

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  • "Bibliography of the Writings of C. D. Broad (to 1959)", in PB.

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  • "Broad's View about Time", in PB.

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  • "Some Ontological Presuppositions in Broad's Philosophy", in PB.

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  • "Chaos, Emergence, and the Mind-Body Problem," (work in progress), August 3, 1997.

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  • Foundations of the Philosophy of Value (1933).

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  • "A Critical Account of Broad's Estimate of McTaggart", in PB.

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  • "The Nature and Status of Sense-Data in Broad's Epistemology", in PB.

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  • "Broad's Views on the Nature and Existence of External Objects", in PB.

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  • "The Philosophy of C. D. Broad,"