Christian Literature - Alphabetized by Titles

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Tatian   Address of Tatian to the Greeks     Search   C          
John of Ruysbroeck   Adornment of the Spiritual Marriage, The     Search   C          
Irenaeus, Saint   Against Heresies     Search   C K        
Nygren, Anders   Agape and Eros     Search   C          
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor 1772-1834 Aids To Reflection     Search   C          
Butler, Joseph 1692-1752 Analogy of Religion, The     Search   C          
Newman, John Henry Cardinal 1801-1890 Apologia pro vita sua     Search 3 C K        
Barclay, Robert   Apology For The True Christian Divinity, An     Search   C          
Aristides   Apology of Aristides, The     Search   C K        
Athenagoras   Apology of Athenagoras, The     Search   C          
Tertullian   Apology of Tertullian, The     Search   C K        
Hippolytus, Saint   Apostolic Tradition, The     Search   C          
Drummond, Henry   Ascent of Man, The     Search   C          
Kierkegaard, Soren 1813-1855 Attack on Christendom     Search   C          
Luther, Martin   Babylonian Captivity of the Church, The     Search   C          
Ramsey, Paul   Basic Christian Ethics     Search   C          
Nestorius   Bazaar of Heraclides, The     Search   C          
Marcel, Gabriel 1887- Being and Having     Search   C          
Richard of St. Victor   Benjamin major     Search   C K        
Richard of St. Victor   Benjamin minor     Search   C K        
Williams, Roger   Bloody Tenent of Persecution, The     Search   C          
Luther, Martin   Bondage of the Will, The     Search   C          
Cyril of Jerusalem, Saint   Catechetical Lectures, The     Search   C K        
Aulen, Gustaf   Chrisius Victor     Search   C          
Niebuhr, H. Richard   Christ and Culture     Search   C          
Gore, Charles   Christ and Society     Search   C          
Cullmann, Oscar   Christ and Time     Search   C          
Baxter, Richard   Christian Directory, A     Search   C          
Kierkegaard, Soren 1813-1855 Christian Discourses     Search   C          
Whale, J. S.   Christian Doctrine     Search   C          
Ritschl, Albrecht   Christian Doctrme of Justification and Reconciliation, The     Search   C          
Martensen, Hans Lassen   Christian Dogmatics     Search   C          
Schleiermacher, Friedrich   Christian Faith, The     Search   C          
Kraemer, Hendrik   Christian Message in a Non-Christian World, The     Search   C          
Inge, William Ralph   Christian Mysticism     Search   C          
Bushnell, Horace   Christian Nurture     Search   C          
Gladden, Washington   Christian Pastor, The     Search   C          
Campbell, Alexander   Christian System, The     Search   C          
Brown, William Adams   Christian Theology in Outline     Search   C          
Horton, Walter Marshall   Christian Theology: An Ecumenical Approach     Search   C          
Ferre, Nels   Christian Understanding of God, The     Search   C          
Machen, John Gresham   Christianity and Liberalism     Search   C          
Hepburn, Ronald W.   Christianity and Paradox     Search   C          
Tindal, Matthew   Christianity as Old as the Creation     Search   C          
Toland, John   Christianity Not Mysterious     Search   C          
Bennett, John Coleman   Christians and the State     Search   C          
Barth, Karl 1886-1968 Church Dogmatics     Search   C          
Augustine, Saint 354-430 City of God, The c.413-426 Theology Search   C K   16   571
Unknown   Cloud of Unknowing, The     Search   C K        
Duncant John   Colloquia Peripatetica     Search   C          
Bring, Ragnar   Commentary on Galatians     Search   C          
Vincent of Lerins, Saint   Commonitory, A     Search   C K        
Kierkegaard, Soren 1813-1855 Concluding Unscientific Postscript 1846 Existential theology Search   C         1320
Augustine, Saint 354-430 Confessions of Saint Augustine, The c.397 Theology, metaphysics (religious autobiography) Search 3 C K   16   560
Origen c.185-c.254 Contra Celsum     Search   C K        
Bonhoeffer, Dietrich   Cost of Discipleship, The     Search   C          
Rousseau, Jean Jacques 1712-1778 Creed of a Savoyard Priest, The     Search   C          
Anselm of Canterbury, Saint 1033-1109 Cur Deus Homo     Search   C K        
John of the Cross Saint   Dark Night of the Soul, The     Search   C K        
William of Ockham c.1280-c.1350 De corpore Christi     Search   C          
Dante Alighieri 1265-1321 De Monarchia     Search   C          
Bucer, Martin   De regno Christi     Search   C          
Herbert, Edward, First Lord of Cherbury   De religione laici     Search   C          
Augustine, Saint 354-430 De Trinitate (On the Trinity)     Search   C K        
Bullinger, Johann Heinrich   Decades, The     Search   C          
Gregory Thaumaturges, Saint   Declaration of Faith (and other writings), A     Search   C          
Arminius, Jacobus   Declaration of Sentiments, The     Search   C          
Cranmer, Thomas   Defense of the True and Catholic Doctrine of the Sacrament, A     Search   C          
Berdyaev, Nicholas 1874-1948 Destiny of Man, The     Search   C          
Donne, John 1572-1631 Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions     Search   C          
More, Thomas, Saint 1478-1525 Dialogue of Comfort Against Tribulations, A     Search   C          
Catherine of Siena, Saint   Dialogue of Saint Catherine of Siena, The     Search   C K        
Hume, David 1711-1776 Dialogues Concerning Natural Rdigion     Search   C          
Theodoret of Cyrus   Dialogues, The     Search   C          
Brainerd, David   Diary of David Brainerd, The     Search   C          
Unknown   Didache or The Teaching of the Twelve Apostles, The     Search   C K        
Comenius, Johannes Amos   Didactica magna     Search   C          
Owen, John   Discourse Concerning the Holy Spirit     Search   C          
Charnock, Stephen   Discourses Upon the Existence and Attributes of God     Search   C          
Vermigli, Peter Martyr   Disputation of the Sacrament of the Eucharist, A     Search   C          
Dante Alighieri 1265-1321 Divine Comedy, The c.1307 Poem Search 1 C K   19    
Brunner, Emil   Divine Imperative, The     Search   C          
Lactantius, Lucius Caecilius Firmianus   Divine Institutes, The     Search   C K        
Teilhard De Chardin, Pierre   Divine Milieu, The     Search   C K        
Hartshorne, Charles   Divine Relativity, The     Search   C          
Emerson, Ralph Waldo 1803-1882 Divinity School Address, The     Search   C          
Brunner, Emil   Dogmatics     Search   C          
Taylor, Jeremy   Ductor Dubitantium     Search   C          
Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich 1770-1831 Early Theological Writings     Search   C          
Seeley, Sir John Robert   Ecce Homo     Search   C          
Eusebius Pamphili of Caesarea   Ecclesiastical History     Search   C K        
Bede, Saint   Ecclesiastical History of the English People     Search   C K        
Pusey, Edward B.   Eirenicon, An     Search   C          
Erasmus, Desiderius 1466-1536 Enchiridion militis Christiani     Search   C K        
Augustine, Saint 354-430 Enchiridion On Faith, Hope, and Love, The     Search   C          
Unknown   Epistle of Barnabas, The     Search   C          
Unknown   Epistle to Diognetus, The     Search   C K        
Polycarp of Smyrna, Saint   Epistle to the Philippians     Search   C          
Barth, Karl 1886-1968 Epistle To The Romans, The     Search   C          
Feuerbach, Ludwig   Essence of Christianity, The     Search   C          
Beecher, Henry Ward   Evolution and Religion     Search   C          
Dionysius The Great   Extant Fragments of The Works of Dionysius     Search   C          
Julius Africanus, Sextus   Extant Writings of Julins Africanus, The     Search   C          
Niebuhr, Reinhold 1892- Faith and History     Search   C          
Hick, John   Faith and Knowledge     Search   C          
Taylor, Alfred Edward   Faith of a Moralist, The     Search   C          
Aulen, Gustaf   Faith of The Christian Church, The     Search   C          
Justin Martyr, Saint   First Apology and the Second Apology, The     Search   C          
Clement of Rome, Saint   First Epistle of Clement to the Corinthians, The     Search   C          
Gregory of Nazianzus, Saint   Five Theological Orations     Search   C K        
Groote, Gerhard (Geert De)   Following of Christ, The     Search   C          
Macmurray, John   Form of the Personal, The     Search   C          
Simons, Menno   Foundations of Christian Doctrine     Search   C          
Lilburne, John   Foundations of Freedom     Search   C          
John of Damascus, Saint   Fountain of Wisdom, The     Search   C          
Berdyaev, Nicholas 1874-1948 Freedom and the Spirit     Search   C          
Edwards, Jonathan 1703-1758 Freedom of the Will 1754 Metaphysics, theology Search   C         1061
Baillie, Donald M.   God Was in Christ     Search   C          
Williams, Daniel Day   God's Grace and Man's Hope     Search   C          
Loisy, Alfred   Gospel and the Church, The     Search   C          
Bunyan, John 1628-1688 Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners     Search   C          
Dostoevski, Fyodor Mikhailovich 1821-1881 Grand Inquisitor, The     Search   C          
Gregory of Nyssa, Saint   Great Catechism, The     Search   C K        
Edwards, Jonathan 1703-1758 Great Christian Doctrine of Original Sin Defended, The     Search   C          
Mathews, Shailer   Growth of the Idea of God, The     Search   C          
Dorner, Isaac August   History of the Development of the Doctrine of the Person of Chrlst     Search   C          
Knox, John   History of the Reformation in Scotland     Search   C          
Chrysostom, Saint John   Homilies on the Statues     Search   C          
Ephraem the Syrian   Hymns of Ephraem the Syrian, The     Search   C          
Buber, Martin 1878-1965 I and Thou 1923 Theology, epistemology Search   C         1801
Eliot, T(homas) S(tearns) 1888-1965 Idea of a Christian Society, The     Search   C          
Santayana, George 1863- Idea of christ in the Gospels     Search   C          
Otto, Rudolf 1869-1937 Idea of the Holy, The 1917 Philosophy of religion Search   C         1711
Sheldon, Charles M.   In His Steps     Search   C          
Atanasius, Saint   Incarnation of the Word of God, The     Search   C K        
Thomas a Kempis, Saint   Initiation of Christ, The     Search 3 C K        
Calvin, John 1509-1564 Institutes of the Christian Religion, The 1539   Search   C     20    
Commodianus   Instructions in Favor of Christian Discipline     Search   C          
Francis of Sales, Saint   Introduction to the Devout Life     Search   C          
Bertocci, Peter Anthony   Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion     Search   C          
Heim, Rarl   Jesus the Lord     Search   C          
Spurgeon, Charles Haddon   John Ploughman's Talks     Search   C          
Asbury, Francis   Journal of Francis Asbury, The     Search   C          
Fox, George   Journal of George Fox, The     Search   C          
Wesley, John   Journal of John Wesley, The     Search   C          
Woolman, John   Journal of John Woolman, The     Search   C          
Whitefied, George   Journals of George Whitefield, The     Search   C          
Muhlenberg, Henry Melchior   Journals of Henry Melchior Muilenberg, The     Search   C          
Bonaventure, Saint 1221-1274 Journey of the Mind to God 1259 Theology, epistemology Search   C K       681
Cotton, John   Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven, The     Search   C          
Maurice, Frederick Denison   Kingdom of Christ, The     Search   C          
Abelard, Peter 1079-1142 Know Thyself 12th cent.   Search   C          
John Climacus, Saint   Ladder of Divine Ascent, The     Search   C K        
Kuyper, Abraham   Lectures on Calvinism     Search   C          
Solovyev, Vladimir   Lectures on Godmanhood     Search   C          
Brooks, Phillips   Lectures on Preaching     Search   C          
Finney, Charles Grandison   Lectures on Revivals of Religion     Search   C          
Jerome, Saint   Letters of Saint Jerome, The     Search   C K        
Rutherford, Samuel   Lex rex     Search   C          
Atanasius, Saint   Life of Antony, The     Search   C          
Straus, David   Life of Jesus Christ Critically Examined, The     Search   C          
Renan, Ernest   Life of Jesus, The     Search   C          
Sulpicius Severus   Life of St. Martm, The     Search   C          
Teresa of Avila, Saint   Life of St. Teresa of Avila, The     Search   C          
Arnold, Matthew 1822-1888 Literature and Dogma     Search   C          
Unknown   Little Flowers of Saint Francis, The     Search   C K        
Soderblom, Nathan   Living God, The     Search   C          
Wingren, Gustaf   Living Word, The     Search   C          
Melanchthon, Philipp   Loci communes rerum Theologicarum     Search   C          
Basil of Caesarea, Saint   Longer Rules and The Shorter Rules, The     Search   C          
Ragawa, Toyohiko   Love, The Law of Life     Search   C          
Flacius, Matthias (and others)   Magdeburg Centuries, The     Search   C          
Mather, Cotton   Magnalia Christi Americana     Search   C          
Hocking, William Ernest   Meaning of God in Human Experience, The     Search   C          
Niebuhr, H. Richard   Meaning of Revelation, The     Search   C          
Anselm of Canterbury, Saint 1033-1109 Monologion 1078 Theology Search   C         632
Tyrell. George   Much Abused Letter, A     Search   C          
Oman, John Wood   Natural and the Supernatural, The     Search   C          
Raven, Charles   Natural Religion and Christian Theology     Search   C          
Paley, William 1743-1805 Natural Theology     Search   C          
Niebuhr, Reinhold 1892- Nature and Destiny of Man, The     Search   C          
Ebeling, Gerhard   Nature of Faith, The     Search   C          
Campbell, John Mcleod   Nature of The Atonement, The     Search   C          
Temple, William   Nature, Man and God     Search   C          
Calvin, John 1509-1564 Necessity of Reforming the Church, The     Search   C          
Dooyeweerd, Herman   New Critique of Theoretical Thought, A     Search   C          
Minucius Felix   Octavius     Search   C K        
Ames, William   of Conscience, Its Power and Cases     Search   C          
Nicholas of Cusa c.1401-1464 Of Learned Ignorance 1440 Metaphysica, theology Search   C K       743
Cromwell, Oliver   Oliver Cromwell's Letters and Speeches     Search   C          
Gerson, John   On Ecclesiastical Unity     Search   C          
Origen c.185-c.254 On First Principles (De Principiis) c.220 Theology and metaphysics Search   C K       535
Schleiermacher, Friedrich   On Religion: Speeches to its Cultured Despisers     Search   C          
Chalmers, Thomas   On the Adaptation of External Nature     Search   C          
Dionysius the Pseudo-Areopagite   On the Divine Names     Search   C K        
Ambrose, Saint   On the Duties of The Clergy     Search   C K        
Servetus, Michael   On the Errors of the Trinity     Search   C          
Scheler, Max   On the Eternal in Man     Search   C          
Boethius, Anicius Manlius Severinus c.480-524 On the Holy Trinity     Search   C K        
Hilary of Poitiers, Saint   On the Trinity     Search   C          
Cyprian of Carthage, Saint   On the Unity of the Catholic Church     Search   C K        
Luther, Martin   Open Letter to the Nobility of the German Nation, An     Search   C          
Duns Scotus, Johannes c.1265-1308 Ordinatio: Oxford Commentars On the Sen Sentences of Peter Lombard     Search   C          
Billing, Einar   Our Calling     Search   C          
Lewis, H.D.   Our Experience of God     Search   C          
Epiphanius of Salamis, Saint   Panarion     Search   C          
Dodd, Charles Harold   Parables of the Kingdom, The     Search   C          
Milton, John 1608-1674 Paradise Lost 1667 Novel Search 1 C K   29    
Gregory I, Saint   Pastoral Care     Search   C          
Pascal, Blaise 1623-1662 Pensees 1670 Theology Search   C     30   874
Forsyth, Peter Taylor   Person and Place of Jesus Christ, The     Search   C          
Bowne, Borden Parker   Personalism     Search   C          
Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich 1770-1831 Phenomenology of Spirit, The 1807   Search   C         1214
Hicks, George Dawes   Philosophical Bases of Theism, The     Search   C          
Tennant, Frederick Robert   Philosophical Theology     Search   C          
Brightman, Edgar Sheffield   Philosophy of Religion, A     Search   C          
Hoffding, Harald   Philosophy of Religion, The     Search   C          
Bunyan, John 1628-1688 Pilgrim's Progress, The 1678 Novel Search 1 C          
Wesley, John   Plain Account of christian Perfection     Search   C          
Warfield, Benjamin B.   Plan of Salvation, The     Search   C          
John of Salisbury   Policraticus and Metalogicon,     Search   C K        
Jones, Rufus Matthew   Practical Christianity     Search   C          
Lawrence, Brother (Nicholas Herman)   Practice of the Presence of God, The     Search   C          
Erasmus, Desiderius 1466-1536 Praise of Folly, The     Search 3 C K   23    
Buttrick, Ceorge Arthur   Prayer     Search   C          
Andrewes, Lancelot   Preces Privatae     Search   C          
Herbert, George   Priest to the Temple     Search   C          
Royce, Josiah 1855-1916 Problem of Christianity, The     Search   C          
Anselm of Canterbury, Saint 1033-1109 Proslogion 1078 Theology Search   C K       632
Schweitzer, Albert 1875-1966 Quest of the Historical Jesus, The     Search   C          
Cogarten, Friedrich   Reality of Faith, The     Search   C          
Locke, John 1632-1704 Reasonabieness of Christianity, The     Search   C          
Browne, Sir Thomas 1605-1682 Religio medici     Search   C          
Whitehead, Alfred North 1861-1947 Religion in the Making     Search   C          
Kant, Immanuel 1724-1804 Religion Within the Limits of Reason Alone     Search   C          
Bonaventura, Saint 1221-1274 Retracing the Arts to Theology     Search   C          
Julian (Juliana) of Norwich, Lady   Revelations of Divine Love, The     Search   C K        
Taylor, Jeremy   Rule and Exercise of Holy Living and Holy Dying, The     Search   C          
Benedict of Nursia, Saint   Rule of Saint Benedict, The     Search   C K        
Baxter, Richard   Saints' Everlasying Rest, The     Search   C          
Hilton, Walter   Scale of Perfection, The     Search   C          
Eddy, Mary Barer   Science and Health With Key to the Scriptures     Search   C          
Lewis, C(Live) S(Taples) 1886-1945 Screwtape Letters, The     Search   C          
Clake, Samuel   Scripture-Doctrine of the Trinity, The     Search   C          
Chauncy, Charles   Seasonable Thoughts on the State of Religion in New England     Search   C          
Hugel, Baron Friedrich Von   Selected Letters     Search   C          
Damian, Saint Peter   Selected Writings on the Spiritual Life     Search   C          
Law, William   Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life, A     Search   C          
Eckhart, Johannes   Sermons and Treatises     Search   C          
Orosius, Paulus   Seven Books of History Against the Pagans, The     Search   C K        
Ignatius, Bishop of Antioch, Saint   Seven Epistles of Ignatius, The     Search   C          
Hermas   Shepherd, The     Search   C K        
Zwingli, Ulrich   Short and Clear Exposition of the Christian Faith     Search   C          
Troeltsch, Ernst   Social Teaching of the Christian Churches, The     Search   C          
Hugh of St. Victor   Soliloquy on the Earnest Money of the Soul     Search   C          
Blake, William   Songs of Innocence and of Experience     Search   C          
Wieman, Henry Nelson   Source of Hnman Good, The     Search   C          
Bernard, Saint   Steps of Humility, The     Search   C          
Clement of Alexandria, Saint   Stromata, or Miscellanies, The     Search   C K        
Martineau, James   Study of Religion, A     Search   C          
Aquinas, Saint Thomas c.1225-1274 Summa Contra Gentiles c.1258-1260 Theology, metaphysics Search   C K       693
Aquinas, Saint Thomas c.1225-1274 Summa Theologica c.1265-1274 Metaphysics, theology Search 3 C K   17   704
Aquinas, Saint Thomas c.1225-1274 Summa Theologica c.1265-1274 Metaphysics, theology Search 3 C K   18   704
Hopkins, Samuel   System of Doctrines     Search   C          
Hodge, Charles   Systematic Theology     Search   C          
Strong, Augustus Hopkins   Systematic Theology     Search   C          
Tillich, Paul 1886- Systematic Theology 1951 Theology Search   C         2416
Unknown   Theologica Germanica     Search   C          
Macintosh, Douglas Clyde   Theology as an Empirtcal Science     Search   C          
Rauschenbusch, Walter   Theology for the Social Gospel, A     Search   C          
Bultmann, Rudolf   Theology of the New Testament     Search   C          
Theophilus of Antioch   Theophilus to Autolyeus     Search   C K        
Stace, Walter T.   Time and Eternity     Search   C          
Leo I, Saint   Tome     Search   C          
Kierkegaard, Soren 1813-1855 Training in Christianity     Search   C          
Parker, Theodore   Transient and Permanent in Christianity, The     Search   C          
Edwards, Jonathan 1703-1758 Treatise Concerning Religious Affections, A     Search   C          
Malebranche, Nicolas de 1638-1715 Treatise Concerning the Searchi after Truth     Search   C          
Erastus, Thomas   Treatise of Excommunication, A     Search   C          
Browne, Robert   Treatise of Reformation Without Tarrying for Any, A     Search   C          
Huss, John   Treatise On the Church     Search   C          
Joachim of Fiore   Treatise on the Four Gospels     Search   C          
Hooker, Richard   Treatise on the Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity     Search   C          
Luther, Martin   Tretise on Christian Liberty     Search   C          
Wycliffe, John   Trialogus     Search   C          
Arndt, Johann   True Christianity     Search   C          
Maritain, Jacques 1882- True Humanism     Search   C          
Cudworth Ralph   True Intellectual System of the Universe, The     Search   C          
Grotius, Hugo 1583-1646 Truth of the Christian Religion, The     Search   C          
Bergson, Henri 1859-1941 Two Sources of Morality and Religion, The 1932 Ethics, philosophy of religion Search   C         2013
Channing, William Ellery   Unitarian Christianity     Search   C          
James, William 1842-1910 Varieties of Religious Experience, The     Search   C          
Kirk, Kennetll E.   Vision of God: The Christian Doctrine of the Summum Bonum, The     Search   C          
Boehme, Jakob   Way to Christ, The     Search   C          
Tolstoy, Count Leo 1828-1910 What I Believe     Search   C          
Harnack, Adolf   What Is Christianity?     Search   C          
Bulgakov, Sergius   Wisdom of God, The     Search   C          
Beecher, Lyman   Works of Lyman Beecher, The     Search   C          
Underhill, Evelyn   Worship     Search   C