Putting the reins of government into the hands of one person is bullshit.


It seems almost to be common-sense not to give political power to a single individual.  Such an individual is prone to look out for his own interest.  He can be bribed, and he can be threatened. Yet, almost the whole world keeps doing it.  And the hope is that the next person will be some kind of savior.  Never happens!  Combine this adulation of a leader with mass democracy, and you get a semi-literate Bush, then a suave snake oil salesman, Obama, and now a spoiled child, Trump.  And in Russia a rogue dictator, Putin.

What is needed is a new Constitution with the executive exercised by a collective body of at least two persons.  Below are links to Wikipedia describing such collegial executive bodies.  The best present example of such a collective executive is Switzerland.

Collective Heads of State

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