The Minnesota Philosophy Department, circa mid-fifties. Wilfrid, seated, fourth from left, is the Chairman, and appears to be enjoying it. I can't come anywhere near identifying everyone, but that's May Brodbeck on the right, with Herbert Feigl next to her, with John Hospers and Alan Donagan to the left of Wilfrid. The row of portraits above the heads of the whole Dept. are the intellectual ancestors, starting with Rene Descartes on the left, Kant is fourth from left, and isn't that Francis Bacon, with the top hat and ruffled collar? . . .
Peter Warburton sent the following information on May 7, 2009:

Hi Andrew, I believe the picture was taken in Fall Quarter 1953, during 1953-54 for sure.

seated, left-most, Prof Mary Shaw

standing, left to right:

  1. Dept secretary, don't know her name.
  2. Woody Ching, teaching assistant, went to ministry school, fall 1954.
  3. Robert Binkley, teaching assistant, PhD under Sellars.
  4. Pete Warburton, teaching assistant, US Army 1954-6, computers 1956-1993, always interested in Sellars and philosophy.
  5. Prof Micheal Scriven.
  6. don't know his name, I believe he was a visitor (from Germany?), Fall Quarter 1953.
  7. Prof Terrill (Terrell?).
  8. Hector Castaneda, Sellars' assistant, PhD 1954.
  9. secretary, typist for Sellars, don't know her name.
absent from photo, Prof Paul Homer