Emma Goldman's manuscript, "My Two Years in Russia," was published as My Disillusionment in Russia (Garden City, N.Y.: Doubleday, Page & Company, 1923) without informing her of the title change, and ommitting the last twelve chapters of the manuscript. The ommitted chapters were published the following year as My Further Disillusionment in Russia (Garden City, N.Y.: Doubleday, Page & Company, 1924).

The version presented here is from the one volume, complete text, with an introduction by Rebecca West, My Disillusionment in Russia (London: C. W. Daniel Company, 1925). [Edited in hypertext with illustrations by Andrew Chrucky, March 2005.]


Introduction by Rebecca West
Preface to First Volume of American Edition
Preface (Revised) to Second Volume of American Edition
  1. Deportation To Russia
  2. Petrograd
  3. Disturbing thoughts
  4. Moscow: First Impressions
  5. Meeting People
  6. Preparing for American Deportees
  7. Rest Homes for Workers
  8. The First of May in Petrograd
  9. Industrial Militarization
  10. The British Labour Mission
  11. A Visit from the Ukraina
  12. Beneath the Surface
  13. Joining the Museum of the Revolution
  14. Petropavlovsk and Schlusselburg
  15. The Trade Unions
  16. Maria Spiridonova
  17. Another Visit to Peter Kropotkin
  18. En Route
  19. In Kharkov
  20. Poltava
  21. Kiev
  22. Odessa
  23. Returning to Moscow
  24. Back in Petrograd
  25. Archangel and Return
  26. Death and Funeral of Peter Kropotkin
  27. Kronstadt
  28. Persecution of Anarchists
  29. Travelling Salesmen of the Revolution
  30. Education and Culture
  31. Exploiting the Famine
  32. The Socialist Republic Resorts to Deportation
  33. Afterword
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